Open Digital Tax is designed to provide a simple and secure HMRC VAT Return service, with free access to view Obligations and Liabilities, and Return submission available for a minimal fee.

Typical customers include:

  • Companies that wish to continue to submit their VAT Returns as they used to on the HMRC portal
  • Companies that like to keep control of their costs
  • Companies with high turnover and low invoice count
  • Bookkeepers who generate their client's returns from existing spreadsheets
  • Accountancy agents who generate a high volume of returns for their clients
  • Companies below the MTD threshold wishing to be early adopters of MTD for improved digital record keeping

With so many 'software as a service' (SAAS) companies offering a full accountancy package that includes MTD VAT integration, it may be unclear why we focus just on Returns. Simply, we recognise that many companies wish to retain control of their accounts whilst also being MTD compliant. Many businesses have no need for end-to-end invoicing, receipt collation and reporting solutions. We keep it simple and offer just a VAT Return service with no tie-in with other unncessary services.

Open Digital Tax is a service provided by a software consultancy based in Glasgow, Scotland called Open Technology Consultancy Limited. We have over twenty years of experience build software solutions for the finance, broadcasting and energy sector.