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Your gateway to easy VAT Returns
22 Dec 2021: VRN lookup feature released
VRNs are now checked and displayed on all pages using the HMRC UK VAT number API. Also searches for obligations, liabilities and payments can be over 6 or 12 months now.
25 Nov 2021: Site updated with cleaner look and new functionality
Site look and feel simplified. Now quicker to load pages, improved responsiveness for mobile users and with ability to get Payments now as well.
12 May 2021: New post-Brexit XLS templates released
Reworded fields to adhere to new descriptions provided by HMRC
8 May 2021: HMRC Anti-fraud header improvements released
Further improvements to required data collection with details on client's browser, IP address, plugins etc.
Are you ready to move to MTD VAT?
From April 2022 businesses with a turnover of less than 85k will be required to submit MTD VAT returns. Our bridging software is perfectly placed to help smaller businesses who keep a close control on their costs.

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Why Open Digital Tax?
Simple and secure MTD VAT returns
No software installation
No licenses and no tie-in
Spreadsheet upload via standard CSV export
Free access to pending obligations
VAT Return submissions for minimal fee
HMRC Approved
Your VAT return is as simple as....
1. Login and allow access your HMRC records
2. Download the spreadsheet template
3. Pay for your VAT return using PayPal
4. Fill in spreadsheet and save locally
5. Upload the CSV
6. Verify and submit to HMRC
We provide the following functionality:
View previous & pending VAT Returns for free
View Liabilities on submitted Returns for free
New! View recent Payments for free
Generate new VAT Return and save locally
Submit VAT Returns to HMRC
Single VAT Return: 5.99
Bundle of 4 VAT Returns: 19.99
Are you an Accountant or Bookkeeper? If you are submitting multiple Returns for many clients then please contact us to discuss high volume rates.