Your gateway to easy VAT Returns
Why Open Digital Tax?
Simple and secure MTD VAT returns
No software installation
No licenses and no tie-in
Spreadsheet upload via standard CSV export
Free access to pending obligations
VAT Return submissions for minimal fee
HMRC Approved
Your VAT return is as simple as....
1. Login and allow access your HMRC records
2. Download the spreadsheet template
3. Pay for your VAT return
4. Fill in spreadsheet and save locally
5. Upload the CSV
6. Verify and submit to HMRC
We provide the following functionality:
View previous & pending VAT Returns for free
View Liabilities on submitted Returns for free
Generate new VAT Return and save locally
Submit VAT Returns to HMRC
Single VAT Return:
Bundle of 4 VAT Returns:
Are you an Accountant or Bookkeeper? If you are submitting multiple Returns for many clients then please contact us to discuss high volume rates.
Simple VAT Return submission